Club Oenologique is a community of collectors and lovers of the finer things in life. bringing together like-minded people with a true interest in fine wines and spirits.

As part of the launch of the Club Oenologique magazine, we were tasked to bring together both expressions of the club into one place.

The website's aims were to introduce the Club Oenologique brand, encouraging their audiences to register. And to convert the full breadth of their offering.  To provide a sumptuous experience, celebrating cellars, distinguished distilleries and the finest experiences as well as offering practical advice and buying recommendations.


Launched in 2019, Club Oenologique wanted to create a digital presence for their newly launched print magazine. Club Oenologique is an exclusive community for those who enjoy rare wine and food, goods and experiences.

I led the design and ux of the website. This involved mapping out each element, prototyping the UX and information architecture as well as detailed visual design work.

At the start of this project, we needed to map out our users and membership tiers. With this in mind, we created the site architecture accordingly.